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KoréWaKoré​ is a digital solution for individual growth and optimization of recruitment & application time for events, projects, or missions.

We offer individuals a single solution for all their career needs and organizations a powerful time-saver to take the best care of their human capital.

Official Launch in 2022

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The Front Pages Services


The Collaboration Tools


Career Monitoring Spaces

Professional Social Network

KWK Network

VECP is a set of front pages for you and your organisation.

Add the warmth of your soul into your social presence, connect with your professional soulmates, and to design long-lasting true relationships.​

Vitrines (Showcases)

Discover the showcases of local and global organizations and initiatives through a personalized search that suits your interests.


Apply to an Event in one click. Manage hundreds of applications in a matter of minutes. You’ll also have a live chat, an agenda, a feed and wallet to showcase your partners and projects.

Communities (Professional)

Join professional communities affiliated with Showcases or Expertises and discuss subjects that really affect your career with your peers.


Showcase your projects and give them life. Get applications from interested and invested experts filtered by industry, field and a peer established reputation.

Contact Experts & Collaborate

KWK Jetmeets

A touch of dynamic control even in the most chaotic & creative brainstorming sessions. Every voice will be heard and every insight remembered.

Contact anyone in your community simply and quickly, propose projects to your expert members, or let them join on open projects, create your personal humane signature through your members. Save your Experts insights in a labelled and organised manner without losing your discussion flow.

Expert Chat

Chat and interact with local and international experts in a convenient and private chat. Filter the list of experts by Industry, Domain & Expertise.

Project Chat

Receive your project proposals separately. Discover the projects at a glance, analyze the profiles of the experts who propose them and discuss.

Peer Review

All experts’ shared experiences are run through a peer review system that allows people from closer industries, fields and level of experience to vote on their testimonials.

This reputation system allows talented people with less experience to stand out and experts to share their knowledge.

Intelligent tracking

With our Smart Views, label your messages, tag them, and find the key points of the discussion in an organized table.

Smart View - Chat Task list
Portfolio Element
Explore & Monitor Careers

KWK Explore

Dive into the raw perspectives of people's singularity, discover how that gave purpose to their careers, and access unprecedented expertise knowledge.

Use our personalized navigation and find experts by insights or insights by occupation. Check out In real-time dynamic occupation descriptions that show the reality of the field. Use planning spaces and careers monitors to manage your team expectations and to understand your members’ needs.

Personalized navigation

Navigate a mapped professional world by Domains, Industries, Expertises, Showcases, Communities and Projects.

Live Occupation Descriptions

Follow evolving Occupation Descriptions in real time thanks to the collective knowledge of all active experts. Compare each Expertise by location and industry.

Planning spaces

Take charge of the present and the future, with tools and dynamic insights to understand, start, organize or plan your career.

Careers monitors

Follow in real time, your job, the job of your dreams or your next promotion in easy-to-access, comprehensive and clear monitors. Compare all three of them and keep an eye on your objectives.

Path tool (Later on)

In this end we want to be your one and only pocket career assistant. Helping you all the way, from finding your dream job, to planning your retirement. We wish to give purpose and meaning to people’s professional lives by connecting them to the people and organisations that share their goals.

Dynamic occupation description

KWK, it's not just a Career​

Kore Wa Kore (KoréWaKoré) means “this is this” and that’s what you got: This life. No monsters under your bed, no phantoms behind you in the corridor.

We designed it for everyone. Young and seasoned professionals, artists, artisans, researchers, to all kinds of organizations, global NGOs and local structures. With KWK, you can share, follow and also collaborate with organizations and initiatives around you and all over the world.

We won’t tell you how to master your destiny. In fact, we won’t even tell you to do that in the first place. We’re not “telling” you anything in fact. You tell us. You share your story and become part of this collective knowledge and let it lead to better people for the world. And thus, a better world for the people.

Join us on Discord, complete the survey form for early access to testers, or read KWK Career Magazine to learn more about KoréWaKoré .

Here's selection of articles from our magazine.

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Who can be a Tester ?

  • Professional profiles – To have at least 2 years of professional experience in a single field.
  • Academic profiles – To have a Licence/Bachelor’s degree.
  • Vocational professions – To have completed one year of a craftsmanship training program.
  • Other cases – You are thinking about career transition or retirement plans.

What does KWK do for my career?

We offer you a one-stop shop that supports you in your decision-making in relation to your career, helps you in its design, offers you an overview of the field and the industry and facilitates your collaborations with other experts and structures.

Do I have to be a verified user to Browse on KWK?

No. However, there’s a reputation system, and when a user’s reputation hits a certain level they must verify their account.

How do I give feedback to the Team?

Contact us, through the site or Discord in the [:bulb:feedback-suggestions Channel].

What should I do to become a partner?

You need to have at least one project you’d like to showcase and all co-founders are willing to create a complete profile.

If you meet these criteria please contact us using the form.


We will be happy to answer any inquiries!