Modern Career Synergies

KWK Career Insight for sustainable synergies

Kore Wa Kore (KWK) harmonising careers for local and global synergies. Learn more about our views and engagements on career development and sustainable work.

KWK is our desire for a better world full of harmonious synergies and solid career decision making.

Kore Wa Kore a platform to design careers.

Before Kore Wa Kore or KWK became this project, it was simply a dream or I’d rather say a solution. We all thought about our careers at some point. KWK was designed to solve two problems related to career planning:

  • The fact the world of work isn’t transparent enough.
  • That many people can’t use their potential properly.

We have been scheming for years. Developing our skills and maturing our perceptions of the world. We decided to give birth to a solution that in concept is so simple, yet in reality so rare.

What forged our decision to make KWK?​

We belong to that group of people who doesn’t want others to go through what they did. We want to make the world better. That isn’t a promise, that is just our desire. We want more people are happy and satisfied with their career decisions. Then there will be more places worth visiting, and many more will finally open their doors to the public. Why don’t we dare? Because we should. This life is ours, collectively.

What’s Kore Wa Kore?

Kore Wa Kore means “this is this” and that’s what you got. This life. No monsters under your bed. No phantoms behind you in the corridor. Only fear in our minds of a reality that we have the power to change. We won’t tell you to master your destiny. We’re not telling you anything. You tell us. You share your story and become part of this collective knowledge. That’ll help people and thus the world around you and them.

KWK is changing the synergies of the world by harmonizing career experiences.

We don’t believe in sure-fire, one great way to solve all problems. We believe that we should support you in your day to day professional life. You’ll then have the power and time to help others. And that is how we’ll build a solid environment for others to find cures. Solve world Hunger. Or, simply make life bearable. That’s what synergies are. We can unite our knowledge and harmonize our expertise to design a better future. We’ll be able to create the right conditions for things to mend themselves. We are not control-freaks. We believe in the beauty of hazard.