Kore Wa Kore for a dynamic digital NGO change​

For Kore Wa Kore, your career is more than just a succession of jobs. With KWK, join organisations and initiates everywhere and be part of a bigger adventure.

Ever since Kore Wa Kore’s site was launched, gravity has not stopped working once. And no, KWK’s team is not trying to take credit for that.

Join us, and connect with local and global initiatives around you.

If you have a skill or unique expertise, if you just want to give meaning to your work, or if you are a researcher looking for a cause, then KWK will help you balance your career and your engagements. We created a set of tools that facilitate your engagement and offers you multiple ways to help. Even when you have a busy schedule, maybe it’s an insight or advice that you can give. Connect with different organisations and foundations, understand their needs and offer your services or simply be visible for them to find you when they need your expertise.

By joining KWK you also give more power to NGOs :

KWK believes knowledge should be free and service should always be paid for. Enforce the best practices, learn about the new ones, and help the younger generation understand what you do. At Kore Wa Kore we allow artists, artisans and people from all trades to connect with organisations that need their skills. Other professions are of course much welcome too.

  • Let them see your skills & personality. Recruitment is actually hard for non-profit organisations because qualified people don’t know they can do it, and most of them think that non-profit means no pay. There are also many equality and distribution restrictions that actually make your profile very valuable.
  • They can propose public or private project brainstorming sessions. There you can showcase your collaboration, problem solving, analysis & interpretation skills, thus building yourself a solid network through the quality of your contribution.
  • Be the thoughts and impact status of their community. Make your voice heard on the community page where you can discuss and propose ideas as well as participate in polls or share your experiences and feedback.

Who decided that an Art, design, history or palaeontology degree didn’t mean as much as any other? Who decided that as an engineer or a doctor or an architect you have to work in a closed space for a company that you don’t like? Who decided that you needed to prove your skills with degrees only?

You don’t have to put yourself in a box. Instead of hoping for an “eat, pray, live experience” and feeling all sad about the beautiful things you want to do… How about you join, collaborate and create. Many organisations, like for example NGOs, are always looking to hire people like you.

Collaborations & projets potential

If you are doing academic research on the subject of “Japanese carpentry” which requires you to work with a carpenter, a translator, an engineer and an owner of a historical house turned into a museum… Check out our professional communities, find your group, work on your problem, and show it to organisations, foundations, or businesses around you, you may be able to access all types of help from networks to grants.

With the various tools at your disposal, you will be able to work on private and public projects proposed by the organisations, from local to global initiatives around you. Instead of giving visibility to your profile, give visibility to your work and collaboration skills. Get recognition and allow the community to help you master your skills. Build your reputation and complete your knowledge about the industry of your choice.

This is what we mean by giving your career a purpose.

Engage on the subjects and causes that matter most to you. Leave a real impact around you. Break through the boundaries of professional opacity and help people know what you can really do. If you are reading this. We have a serious hunch that you might have talent or skill that is humanely and profoundly interesting. Yet you probably are not getting to use it in your everyday life.

Kore Wa Kore is a career insight and project collaboration platform. We designed it for young and seasoned professionals, artists, artisans and researchers to connect with organisations. With KWK you can share, connect but also collaborate together with organisations and initiatives around you and all over the world.