The labour market has caught the covid

The labour market has caught the COVID. It’s been too long since the internet existed, yet no solutions were truly created. Kore Wa Kore is set on changing that

Now is the time to act. Kore Wa Kore offers an original and modern breath of fresh air for your career.

What are your symptoms? I have trouble getting out of bed.

(Soon 200 million will be unemployed!)

The economic crisis that we are coming to because of the COVID pandemic according to United Nations experts will generate the appalling figure of 200 million people in unemployment in 2022. On a more regional scale, according to the Huffington Post in France, in April alone we reached the figure of +843000, with + 22.6% of growth compared to March. This is the highest and most serious level of unemployment in 24 years, reports Pôle Emploi.

At Kore Wa Kore, we believe that unemployment is caused primarily by the poor distribution of human capital. We believe in the enormous potential of passions and the need to take action. An unemployed person is a person who transits, seeks themselves and seeks their way.

Look at these numbers: it’s a fever!

($ 3.20 salary, 108 million recently impoverished …)

Did you know that there are 108 million working poor or extremely poor (UN) in the world: this means that these workers have to feed their families with about 3.20 dollars a day… This crisis is also a real blow for the workers of the informal sectors who are 2 billion people! (A). All the figures go up, except salaries …

“Human capital” you will hear these words a lot with Kore Wa Kore, as sometimes human resources seem to work inhumanly. The reality is that the modern world is just beginning to learn the value of the service that well informed & trained individuals render. The lack of prospects has led many people to work for a living, to the point where it now affects most of the middle class too. Work is synonymous with task, ordeal and livelihood. However, we are on the cusp of a new era, and all of this is likely to change very quickly.

I see myself in the mirror, I am no longer the same!

(Almost 40% of Belgians are thinking of changing jobs)

Almost 4 out of 10 workers in Belgium (37%) are considering a reorientation in the next 12 months (according to HR services provider Acerta and job board StepStone). 20% seem to want a change of profession and are even looking for a profession in a new sector (Acerta and StepStone). Did you know that, according to a research project conducted by Middlesex University, 70% feel that they are not reaching their full potential in their work and even consider contributing financially to their training? People no longer recognize themselves in their current jobs, this pandemic has made us all change faces!

You no longer want to live a life of suffering and unfair compromise. You are willing to put in the effort, but you understand that a sacrifice never ends well. Today you realize that money is service, and as long as you learn the best way to serve your passions, you can make money.

Dr. Kore Wa Kore, I have no more youth or strength!

(Talented youth without a job or a future)

In many countries, the employment situation of young people is the object of the greatest concern. Moonlighting and unemployment remain the reality of all young people around the globe. The difficulties they encounter in accessing the professional world are immeasurable. This translates into high figures for unemployment, NEETs (unemployed people not pursuing education and training) and a problematic transition from school to work.

NEET is an insult in Japan. However, it is also a reality representing an incomprehensible experience. When the human person does not know where he is going, he lets fear rule him. We can’t blame them. In Tunisia, by the age of 11, the vast majority of creative and intelligent children our team has known already knew that there would be no other way out than to leave the country. Because “they (society) will put sticks in your wheels, and they (government) will never tell you what is going on.”


Shares of youth NEET around the world – Ilo

I do not believe in the current treatments!

Is it true that you can support me? Yes! -said KWK- Because this is a very unique opportunity to change everything!

This global instant has brought us to an incredible present of discovery and opportunity. Now let’s open our eyes wide and examine this barren panorama. The world we knew was destroyed and completely engulfed itself … Let’s not place any stone just to let it bury itself in this sand of past dogmas. Let’s wake up and set off to conquer modernity! Let’s take advantage of this unique moment when we can now change everything. It is a privilege and an immense power that we have in our hands!