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KWK – Our vision, starts with your story

Behind your screen, there is a great story for you and behind the screens of Kore Wa Kore (KWK), there is you, your experience, your life.

Behind every Career, we do not see Jobs, we see a face, like yours, like ours.

Once upon a time, people like you ...

If I told you that behind your bright screen, behind these words that you read, behind that striking acronym KWK, there are individuals just like you. People who are full of aspirations and are not satisfied enough. People who are even more upset by the world. However, you are now asking yourself: How did people, like me, manage to give birth to this Kore Wa Kore, which now occupies our minds?

One evening we suddenly made a decision

You know very well that behind this striking word KWK there is a group which decided one evening to make a decision. Can you, without crying, watch the misery and starvation of a skeletal child? Can you not shudder when you see your friend being abused by a partner? Just the same as us, you can’t!

An Idea for All, “a career for everyone”

From this extreme sensitivity and this overflow of empathy for the most abandoned, this design was born, which occupies you this evening and leads you to the continuation of our story. A small group of friends from totally different fields had the same feelings and hearts ready to overflow for others. It was then that we finally had an idea for everyone.

Behind every profession, there is a life

Behind every profession, we at KWK do not see just jobs, but we see faces, like yours, like ours! You know that in the making of every job; there is a person, groups, families, and friends. Think of a young adult with great aspirations. Imagine a single parent who is looking for something to feed their child …

Our jobs define our lives, and everyone’s life shapes and drives the world we know! We have, therefore, developed a platform where each individual can feel and be aware of the stages and passing trades that they must understand to move towards their dream job. Because for us a profession is not a job but rather an experience that you want to live. Live it now with us!