KWK: The keys to success in 4 steps

Because showing you the way is not enough: Collaborate, exchange and learn. Kore Wa Kore will be your traveling companion and assistant.

All success requires positive development. That’s the Kore Wa Kore method.

Tips from Kore Wa Kore's adaptive career trekking guide

If you could fulfill all of your aspirations without changing your life or exhausting yourself psychologically, would you believe us? We offer you an easy and accessible method to ensure you have a pleasant, professional journey and adapted solutions to your needs. Be warned; however, we do not carry suitcases because the real journey begins with you. The entire KWK team welcomes you on board. Straighten your seat, put on your seat belt, and get ready for your departure.

"Know thyself" Your job is your signature.

In the past, to reach the oracle of Delphi, one had to cross the pediment of the temple where we found the enigmatic formula “Know thyself.” Note that when you pass through the gates of KwK, we will send these instructions. You will receive the means to discover yourself, to recognize your needs and your skills. It is only after discovering your inner selves that we can reveal to you the careers that you can undertake.

“For the longest time, I sought for myself. “

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher.

At KWK, we do not believe in the cult of personality testing. Personality and Character are forged, improved depending on the moment, the hormones, the conditions, the rain, and the wind. It is only out of curiosity, but often more out of despair that; we answer absurd questions, which only collect data on our decision-making, and throw up preconceived answers to us that look like horoscopes written by wannabe psychologists.

In Kore Wa Kore, you will be able to directly and without mysticism choose, transparently and clearly, the various personal and professional criteria which will be reflected as your signature during your search.

“Come see who I am”. Your profession is your philosophy.

Now that at your own pace you are getting to know the jobs you really want, it’s time to become visible to your peers, other experts, recruiters, associations and organizations. This is where other job search platforms get stuck. At Kore Wa Kore (KWK) all your aptitudes will be highlighted, as well as your skills, your particular expertise and your motivations: we will do it so that all these qualities become visible and tangible.

It goes without saying that you will be able to compare yourself to others and to the average of the whole mass of similar experiences. When we will launch our transition tool, if to achieve your dream job you must first study or apply for another “temporary job”, we will indicate the most suitable ones according to the criteria of your choice of ways to achieve it.

“Let’s get together” in Kore Wa Kore, around a collaborative, useful and practical tool for projects and professional communities.

Now, you become a member of a group, join a professional network of experts and many organizations. Share your experiences and find people like you. With KWK you don’t have to be outgoing or outspoken to knock on your neighbours’ doors. Here it is so easy to communicate that you will find people quickly thanks to our filters and search engines which will allow you to create strong and lasting strategic connections.

No “comments” on the posts, and no narcissism either. You will be able to react, thanks to pre-designed buttons for this purpose. You will have the possibility at any time to join the community that suits you or a professional project with an integrated Live-chat. The weight of your votes depends on your expertise, your reputation immediately depends on the votes of your peers in the fields and industries closest to yours.

"Put your hand in the dough" The future is being built, it is not only dreamed of.

Want to taste a dessert without getting your hands dirty? Buy it. Otherwise, come to the kitchen and help prepare it. It’s time to get involved in projects, have an actively engaged life and contribute to the platform for people who will follow the same path as you. Now is the time to take action in the professional world. You’ll know your value and the demand around you. Your skills are so acquired that you take on projects with ease. You have achieved your first goals. 

One-click is enough to help remotely, with ideas or digitally, a local initiative. With one click, Know who is active around you, who is giving, and who needs to take. Manage your time as you see fit on a local as well as a global level. Make your voice heard as a researcher, professional or expert to the authorities and the communities that interest you.

Dear KWKeyers we will soon arrive at our destination,

You can now take off your seat belts!