kwk career hopes

KWK: Believe in it. And society will be better.

KWK porte les espoirs et les rêves chargés d’effort et d’envie. Quand nous partageons nos expériences, nous repoussons ensemble les limites de l’impossible.

How do you find the right Career? In KWK we say, start by finding yourself.

Don’t deny yourself the right to be who you are.

Have a hobby, be curious, make something that you can call yours, because boredom isn’t the trade of the busy, and it’s your mind’s way to tell you that there is something to do out there. We may help you find new ways to enjoy your job, be the best at it, or find the right one, or even create it, However, that can only truly start with you.

To dream is to know how to fight the darkness that roars inside of us.

Our baby KWK is a social solution, not just a digital platform. I want to connect the outcasts, the underrepresented, the lonely the skilled, those who hate the words “TALENT”, “GENIUS” and “LUCK.” I also want to connect with “them, the others”: those who outcast us, my team and me.

We were often labelled as crazy idealists, and kids too old for their age, nerds too smart to be geeks, workaholic predisposed children whose hobbies are one day immediately related to world-class problem solving and the other to some day to day seemingly meaningless problem to solve.

I want to show them that the world isn't an arena. It’s a sandbox. And KWK provides the toys !

Can you light a fire with nothing but some sticks? Can you make a palm tree ladder with plastic bottles and some fabric that was thrown away? Can you build a house, and get electricity and water and healthcare and more … alone? Our harmony is based on our singular and individual experiences. Money is just service, there will never truly be a crisis as long as people offer their services.