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KWK: The Dream Team, Member Story. Note#3

This is KWK. Its story through the lens of its team members. I am Andres and I am the chief content officer of Kore Wa Kore.

I have taken few steps in life, but I have walked great distances

The day KWK was brought to me was the day I considered that the world was endless.

A little boy in the back of a car had just listened on the radio to a phrase from Hemingway or another that sounded like this: “Man is capable of sending rockets to Mars and beyond, but he will not recognize that by his side, the one he kills is his brother.” He then thought of the extent of the world. “Is he limitless?” He shyly asked the question… He felt he was floating in the void. He wanted to hold on to something. But, everything around him was hanging in the void.

Another day I wanted to draw a tree

He was in front of me, and I wanted to imitate him perfectly without succeeding. Soon after, I became a storyteller. All of my comrades would leave their cellphones and consoles and sit around me to hear me speak. My gaze was fixed on them, I saw them quiver, throb, and her pupils opened majestically like the veil of a theatre.

One evening I ran away from the world and finally found myself.

As laughter is contagious, as sigh is shared, and everyone smiles while listening to pleasant music. I wanted everyone to feel my suffering, my deepest and elusive happiness … I wanted people to laugh, cry, and tremble at a precise moment. I wanted to guide their hearts with words like a real conductor. I became a writer. However, it is to my readers, to their emotions, that I owe my true creation.

My meeting with a “window man” who became my friend

This image of Breton, of a “man cut in half by the window,” took on meaning the day Khalil opened up to me, and I was able to capture a familiar landscape within him. We gathered at the exit of the Sorbonne with aspirations so great that today we would be madmen if KWK had not come to our aid. And this, to bring our dreams to fruition.

The evening that this friend handed me a mirror

Another night, Khalil and I saw all of our deepest aspirations grow endlessly. The word KWK contained all of our desires for a better world. Fearing that our hands might not be big enough to hold it, he took me by the shoulder and spoke to me in his frank and clear voice: “Think of a little boy in your country who bears your name and lives in misery. Do you see it now? Smile; because he is proud of you, of us, and finally, proud of himself!”