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KWK – We love Singular people

You too feel that you are being put in a box that does not suit you. Let us forget your uniqueness, which makes you unique. It means you are KWK!

“We decided to change the world through KWK, a platform that would empower people who think outside the box to exist and take control of their lives. “

We love the world in its total diversity

We love the world, the diversity, and the vibrant faces behind every profession. We prefer to buy a croissant from the old man who knew us as a child… We also think – and still – of recycling, of pleading with our friends for human rights and consumer rights. But our hearts were still overflowing, and we decided to change the world through a platform that gives access for people coming out of the box to exist and give their careers meaning.

KWK will highlight all your skills and offer you career paths tailored to you, connecting you to organizations that work on your causes and businesses that share your engagements. You will break into a job description that draws you all the details invisible to the surface: Is it intellectually exhausting? Physically straining? etc. You will, therefore, see a panorama of all the possible feelings of a profession that has become accessible and tangible for you.

We want a better world for all

We come here to find those who think that to have a better life, you need a better world. With all the injustices done every day, every second, every moment, we cannot walk or think without feeling this weight in our chest. We are here to lighten this burden on the world. Our platform is also a social network where people from very different backgrounds can finally get in touch.

“Find those who think that to have a better life you need a better world”.

The end of our confessions

If you’ve been reading this story, you must be as moved as we are now. Because this message, like from a crystal chest, has shown you our most intimate heartbeats. If you are listening to a beat right now, it may be yours, it may be ours: Rest assured, it is the world around us that wants to synchronize us. Let us listen to it and let it grow in us full of life and strength.

A thought for You

You now know that this reading was more than a bright screen. You know KWK is more than just a hub. You know the idea is encouraging, that you have committed people in front of you. We are here thanks to you and will always remain here for you because you will be at the centre of our thoughts.