KWK Co-Founder Story #1

This is KWK. Its story through the lens of its Co-Founders and team members. I am Khalil and I gave birth to the concept behind Kore Wa Kore.

A retrospective of one’s life is a glimpse at their intentions. KWK wasn’t just an “Idea” for me, it was a calling.

Long before KWK, I used to squash plastic bottles and use them to slide down the dried out Riverside.

I used to relax on trees during nap time to avoid sleeping. I used to open my huge Atlas and dream of all the places I would visit, the friends that would wander the nights with me through the neon lights and the crowds of strangers who are living their own lives.

I used to dream of the day I'd learn to play music

I wanted to learn so many languages, stand on top of a mountain and gaze at the seemingly infinite green valley of nature and sunlight, then shout my heart’s content in any words I’d like. I used to see myself walking next to big beautiful trees, the winds on my face and the sunlight reflected on a river’s surface by my side.

I often dreamt of all the things that my country couldn't offer me.

My team and I, all come from small places where the eyes of decision-makers were very rarely laid upon. I would have a vision of Friends beyond Nations, Love beyond Opinions, Dreams beyond Illusions and I would blame my predecessors for failing the creation of such a world.I would dream and my dreams were childish, but they had a dose of sensorial reality that marked me forever. It is this positive realism that gave birth to KWK.

I learned to not blame those who came before us, it’s the era that changed.

They didn’t have the internet as we do, nor freedom of speech, nor great cartoons to learn lifelong lessons from, nor did they have access to language learning apps, online tutorials and classes. We don’t need to depend on someone else’s ego to learn anymore. We don’t need to be someone servant for years calling them master and expecting them to teach us something by the end of their life. Today you can catch up to the knowledge of those who used to be called decade forged Masters in just a few years. Maybe even months.