KWK: Work, Career and Future.

KWK is here to modernize the work world and facilitate access to career knowledge.

What’s wrong with the work world? Does it start with us?

It is only a matter of time before the Work World changes…

Yes, only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream for our decisions to not be dependent on the inflated egos of some. However … I often wonder… What if I was one of these people? What if I didn’t have some imposter’s syndrome? How can I know if I’m good enough? I was told I could be an astronaut and very quickly realised that I couldn’t… Work is a word with a lot of power when you are young.

Do you know what makes a friend turn on you?

What makes a person betray their family? What makes someone change their ideals? Desperation, fear of the future, lack of dreams, and lack of fulfilment. Today I am an anti-radicalisation specialist. It means that I know how to plant, in society, the seeds that protect us from such self-destructive thoughts. I am determined to allow people to live in peace. A hopeful kind of peace… with inspiring technology and great philosophies.

Good Careers are not planned perfectly, but solidly. So is Work.

A “decision” is arguably the most important aspect of the creation of any human society and civilization. It is the crystallization of action, thought, reaction and speech; it is also at the origin of all experiences, of their duration and their impact. A house of cards is only perfect because its purpose is to collapse and highlight how difficult it was to build it. But at the end of the day, when it rains, you may want a real roof on your head. One that satisfies your heart and quenches your thirst for a better future.

True Careers are designed through your singularity and the uniqueness of your work.

A human being needs Leisure to generate Joy, Knowledge to acquire Understanding and Achievement to reach Satisfaction. The so-called Happiness, most of us pursue, is only the time that one gives to one’s “Joy”. The quality of said Happiness depends on one’s “Understanding” of the world and its duration, depends on one’s level of “Satisfaction” with one’s life decisions. We’re not here to judge you, nor to help you. We are here to support you, by giving you the tools and letting you make your own choices, and design your on work patterns.